I-AM JOYride

What are your “I-AM’s?

Are these your conversations?

I am overwhelmed!
I am busy!
I am irritated!
I am furious!
I am broke!
I am tired!

or are these the ‘I AM’s YOU ARE PROCLAIMING?

What are you commanding into being??…

I am calm!
I am organized!
I am energized!
I am inspired!

I am wealthy!
I am compassionate!
I am loving!
I am healthy!


then you’ll want to be included on this ride!…

This exhilarating, magnificent ride will bring you back to you, the place inside, where all your power is, the space where your powerful ‘I AM’s’ patiently reside.

‘that promises to call forth your I-AM presence and begin to
command into being and knowing all that you truly are.’

Dear Friend,
If you feel a longing to be free and experience the thrill of soaring to heights you know inside you are capable of, this complementary JOYride is for you!

You will discover the key to abundant life is Love. Love, beginning with you, beginning with your inner ‘I-am’ conversations, both silent and spoken. It’s amazing once you start to notice how many times in a day ‘I-am’ is verbalized. Those ‘I-am’s’ are actually commands and declarations we make and the Universe immediately responds and reflects right back, just like a boomerang.

I remember so clearly my first awareness of this power and it wasn’t serving me well at all! The I-am’s I believed, although they were not true I believed them to be true, and so what I saw, heard and felt reinforced everything I didn’t want.

Determined to find the keys to my inner freedom, I came home that pivotal day with my newly created ‘I-am’ list. It was suggested I repeat this new list of ‘I-am’s’ every morning when I woke and evening before I fell asleep for at least 3 months. I was so motivated to change, after the first week I decided to record a tape with my voice repeating these new ‘I-am’s’ and listen to them as well as repeat them aloud. In my recording I recorded soft music in the background as I repeated my I-am’s and then continued with a story I had created in my imagination that I told in present-time as if it were true in that moment of time. I imagined me free. My tape was about 20 minutes long and was my bedtime story for many months. Day by day, week by week, and month by month my beliefs began to change and I could taste freedom.

On this JOYride, I’ve made short inspired recordings for you –
Loving I-AM core meditations are sent to you every other day for the next 21 days. Each meditation has specific sound healing music composed by Arden Wilken from the CD ‘Voyage to Freedom’ playing in the background.

BE AWARE!! BEing on this JOYride the more you participate the more exciting and life-changing the ride.

Explore an ‘inland tour’, enjoy a ‘panoramic excursion’, create art, and of course there’s ‘shopping’. These activities will spark your creativity and ignite the truth of you. YOU WILL KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE, STEP LIGHTLY AND BOLDLY INTO YOUR VERY OWN POWER….and begin to SOAR as free as the breeze confidently being and knowing the expression of love that you are.


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